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Alisha Washington Comfort September 26, 2012
He was an incredible man and I am glad I stumbled across this page. I just wanted to leave my condolences and a comforting scripture. John 5:28 reads- 'Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out." This speaks of a resurrection of our dead loved ones. I know you don't know me but you and the family will be in my prayers.

It was not part of God's purpose for us to get sick, suffer, or die. When you get a chance visit This site brought me so much comfort when I was going through my hard time.

Metje Butler Prairie member/ friend September 18, 2012
My apologies; I left the Memorial Service with many thoughts, having learned more about Dave's life.  I was so deep in thought that I failed to speak to any of Dave's mourners, which I want to remedy here...especially to his immediate family.

Other than buying many beautiful artifacts from Dave, I did not know him well; I respected him highly for his dedication to children in those many places where he taught, and seeing the photos with his classes shows that each child benefitted joyously from his connection to them, and doubtless grew in broad ways.  His capacity for silliness is evident, and I'm sure was much loved by the children.

i was struck by the anguish shown in his very young photos..and perhaps the family was as well, as none are pictured in the Gallery...but I think they say a lot about the man he became.  I sence that he had a life-long loneliness for what he'd lost as a very young child.

Although I almost did, except for purchases from him...other than a single cup of coffee in a restaurant, I did not have a relationship with Dave, and I think this bewildered him greatly. He had considerable charm, and I'm sure was not used to having someone deny such a potential.

I can see, too, that his shared life with those who loved him leaves a gaping hole of loss, and my I hope for you all is that those happier memories will ease the grief of your loss.  

It is sad that Dave did not survive to have an opportunity to enjoy a life in retirement and the rewards of a life of giving to others. He certainly deserved it.

 Best wishes to all of you.

Metje Butler 

Neena Ajay You will live forever in our memories. September 12, 2012
You have been an excellent teacher to all your students , Mr Dave. My daughter Ash has gained a lot from you. And you will always remain her best teacher whom she loves a lot.
Abubaker houidi You are a great man August 29, 2012

I worked with you five years, and throughout this years you were doing the more difficult job with young kids, barely speak language, kids when they approach the school world for the first time,most of them with no English, they found you with them helping, carrying and living with them and for them,you told me that you are learning from them. They all love you when you teach them through playing, and when you defending their ways in dealing with new and strange world: the school. My friend i am sure those kids will take your hand to the peace and mercy. Dave you are a great man, and great man never die, you will be with us forever 

Rosemary Kreuser, RN A joy an honor August 23, 2012
I cannot put into words how much your spirit, humor and patience blessed me during the brief time we knew each other. Facing a quickly progressing ALS, you were filled with grace and love and still spending much energy on giving to others. Our Residents were moved and energized by your presentations and stories. I have been thinking about and praying for you daily and am honored to have been entrusted to your care for even a brief time. Thank you for so many years of selfless giving, and for the wonderful lesson about living.
Rosemary Kreuser 
Don Tingley The Tingley Family August 23, 2012

You have touched a lot of lives over the many years you have been an educator and two of those lives are Kiana and Keeghan Tingley.  They have always talked of you fondly and shared the teachings of Mr. Dave.  I think Tukta expressed it extremely well.  You will be fondly remembered and not forgotten.

May peace be with you.

The Tingleys
Tukta Phonesavanh You will forever be in our heart. August 23, 2012
Dear Mr. Dave,

Throughout the seven years that I have met you back in VIS, you have only brought light and happiness into my life. You have taught me one very important thing in life and that is, to always see a glass half full and to live happily no matter the circumstances. You were like a father to me and many more students and I repsect you for that. I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful memories you have left me with. Although you are no longer with us, everytime I drive passed your colorful house in Laos , it brings back all the unforgettable memroies we have shared.

I will always think of you and you will forever be in my heart. 

Rest in peace Mr. Dave  
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